Dr. Dan Dragotoiu M.D.

Dr. Dan loves Eastern Idaho and has been practicing in Idaho Falls for several years. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine and is highly trained in the field.  Dr. Dan has completed extra training in Addiction Medicine and provides Outpatient Detox to those who suffer from Opioid Dependence.  It is rewarding for Dr. Dragotoiu to see results in his patients and help them become independent.


Jason Martin, PMHNP-BC

Jason grew up in southeast Idaho and attended Blackfoot High School. He spent 17 years in the Navy as a Search and Rescue Paramedic/USMC combat medic serving abroad. He gained a commission in the US Army and is still an active drilling reservist. After becoming a Registered Nurse, Jason worked in the emergency room for 12 years. He furthered his training, completing a Master’s of Science In Nursing, becoming board certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, PMHNP-BC. When looking for a provider for medication and prescription management, Jason is very compassionate and offers a high quality of care.

Chad Porter, LCSW

Chad was born and raised in Southeast Idaho. Chad has over 15 years of experience in the social services. He has worked with children, teens, and adults in a variety of settings. Chad’s previous work experiences include work at residential inpatient settings, outpatient settings (counseling agencies), developmental group homes, school districts, and a psychiatric hospital. Chad has also spent years as a medical social worker practicing in settings such as a medical hospital, in Home Health, and in Hospice.

Chad earned his Master’s degree in Social Work from Northwest Nazarene University where he specialized in assessment and psychotherapy with individuals, children, and families. He is credentialed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Chad has been providing psychotherapy to individuals, children, and families for 5 years.

Chad has always had a passion for helping others and treats a wide variety of problems such as: depression/mood disorders, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, grief and loss, adjustment disorders, behavior problems, family conflict, marital difficulty, substance abuse, and other addictions.

Chad follows an eclectic therapeutic orientation of practice, bringing in elements from several modalities. However, his primary therapeutic modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT). Through his work in hospice, Chad has also developed a deep appreciation for and passion for Grief work.

Chad is an Approved Provider for Medicaid, Medicare, and various other insurance groups.


Karl Winegar, LMSW

Karl was born and raised in southeast Idaho.  Karl and his family enjoy anything in the outdoors. He has a true passion for working with families and shares this company’s vision in addressing trouble in the home and life at the family level.  Karl has years of experience working with adolescents with oppositional behavior.  He has extensive training and knowledge in self-harm behaviors and working with children and adolescents with serious mental health concerns.  Karl is unique in that he goes above and beyond in creating a relationship with individuals where they feel safe and are willing to work on goals.  Karl is not afraid to take clients into the community or meet at a client’s home to work on problem areas.  Karl also has experience in, and enjoys doing couples therapy.


Itzel Montero, LMSW

Itzel is a Panamanian/Puerto Rican by birth; she grew up in both countries.  She enjoys her family gatherings, outdoors, and traditional Latin American music. Itzel has an unborn passion for working in this awesome field and loves helping people better themselves. She shares this compassionate feeling of addressing problems in the individual lives of humans of all ages and in families.

Itzel has years of experience working with adolescents with oppositional behavior.  Also her expertise extends to substance abuse, Domestic Violence, couple therapy and a variety of group therapy.  Itzel is unique in that she is warm, respectful, and place priority in every individual she attends. Additionally, itzel’s number one priority is to build and maintain rapport with individuals so they may feel happy, safe and willing to work in their goals. Itzel is very willing to go into the community and meet at the member’s home to work on treatment issues. Itzel is Trilingual and can help those who speak Spanish, Portuguese, and English


Tyler Saunders, LMSW

Tyler was born in Bonneville County and spent a portion of his childhood in a number of communities in southeastern Idaho, including the Dubois area, Soda Springs, and Pocatello. Tyler completed his undergraduate degree in social work at Idaho State University in 2008 and his graduate degree in social work at Eastern Washington University in 2010.

Tyler has extensive experience working with youth who have serious emotional disturbances, such as stress resulting from trauma, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, attention & focus issues, and self-harm. Additionally, Tyler has worked with adolescents struggling to overcome substance abuse issues and addiction.

Tyler believes that a strong therapeutic relationship between himself and his clients is a critical piece to achieving goals and making progress. Therefore, he puts great effort into forming a positive relationship with his clients in order to ensure that they feel safe, comfortable, and in charge of their own recovery.

Tyler and his family love living in southeast Idaho. They enjoy nature, including all of the beautiful mountains, lakes, and rivers that Idaho has to offer and are especially grateful to live in such a family friendly atmosphere.